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Customer Tubs 2008 and Previous:


"We love the tub"


"Looking forward to spring when we plunge in again"


"Complete hit with family and friends"


        The Cabin and Tub          Nanna with Madi and Elli          Tony and the girls

"Everyone that sees it thinks it is the cats ass"


"I love sitting in it at nite and star gazing"

"Just Before Winter"

"Son, Brothers, Nieces & Nephew"

"All tucked away for winter"


"I am pleased with the overall design and the space inside"

Check Out Sakinaw Lake



"We are very proud
of our setup"


"We love the tub!!
The quality and workmanship is very nice"





"It was easy to set up and we LOVE it"

"We love it!"


2008 Cottage Magazine Photo Winner

"Early site but all the essentials"


"It is fabulous. We enjoyed it everyday and it was so easy to set up and maintain"


"The coldest we've had is -20°"
New Years 2007 was -30°!

"Enjoyed it in the Fall"


"The tub is great"

"I could not keep the kids or Lilah out of it"


"Thanks again for the great investment and friendship"

"Hot tub installed by my Yurt"

"Love it, love it, love it!"

Won 'Best Picture' at Cottage Magazine


"We absolutely love the hot sea water; almost like a mineral bath"

"Lots of Compliments"


"It's Easy to Sell Something You Really Enjoy"

"Terry and His Girls"


Full Lid Package

"Smiles Tell All"


"Here You Go"


"What a great way to relax"


"Really Enjoying it and Can't Wait to Take it Out to the Cabin"


"How Many People Can You Get in a Tub?"

"We "Love" Our Alumi-Tub!"

"It Sure Makes a Day of Hard Work Seem Easier"

"The Tub is Great!"


"Early Morning Sunrise"

"It's So Nice that it is So Easy to Move"

"Sure do Love Having This Tub at Our Cabin"

A Floating Dock Designed for the Placement of the Tub


"You can’t imagine the pleasure we have had from it!"


"Nothing But Spectacular"


"We Love Our Tub"

"It Works Great"


Eric - Ready to Go


"Thank You for the Wonderful Hot Tub!"

Ruxton Island Overlooking the Cliffs of Valdez


"Sunday Night We Christened it and We Love It!"


"It is Truly the Best Purchase We Have Made in Years"


Kids - Don't Try This At Home!


Wood Cover Only

Ozzies Love the Heat in the Frigid Cold of BC


Eric - Setting Up the Very First Alumi-Tub

The First Alumi-Tub is Placed

"The Most Hedonistic Addition to our Camping in 25 Years"

"Planning to Enjoy it Over the Long Evenings This Winter"



"Life is tough thanks to you guys"