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Customer Tubs 2012   -  2013





"WE Love the tub"



"Attracting several curious



"At the cabin Hot Tubbin"


"Thks from Daniel, Stefan"

"A time comes when silence

is betrayal"

Turn Island






"Another good season of Use"

"Absolutely Delightful"


"All the Best"




Tub on Stoney Lake


"Empty the tub on a lake and the ice is as good

as a Zamboni"


"This is why we sell

a 7 foot tub"

"Hats off to Eric and Wendy"


Kitimat Tub



"Thx so much"

"Installation is female friendly"


"We are so happy with your product and recommend it to everyone"

"Thought I would send you a photo"


"We love it !"

"Smoked Oysters

In 2 Hours"


"We did get the tub up on the balcony"

"Catching fish from the floating hottub"

Such a Pretty Spot



Customer Tubs 2011:


"We are enjoying our hottub!"

"For people who live off-grid - solarpanel.ca"


"We enjoyed the hot-tub alot!"

"Thanks again"



1. Pick it up                         2. Put it down                     3. Set it up                          4. Burn the Pallet
All in a days Work


Customer Tubs 2010:


"A real hit at the lake"

"You made a stainless tub that I really enjoy"

"I am impressed by how it can maintain its temperature."


The 7ft Tub Design


"You were right, we love it!!!"

"We actually plunked it down and operated it!"


"Once it heats, boy does it heat!"

"Our tub on Galiano"

"Tub with our friends"



Customer Tubs 2009:


"What a good year with the Alumitub - We should become a dealer for you!"


"We travel the lake (150 miles) with hot tub on board!"


"All of our family and friends think that this is the best "toy"
that we have purchased"

"Picture from this Summer"


"The Tub works Great!"

"Fired it up and had a hot tub initiation!"


"Loving our hot tub!"


"Don't you think it's location is Fabulous?"


"Thanks Again!"


"We really enjoy it!"


"Love our tub!"

"I would like to not only compliment you on the simplicity/practicality of the design but I was impressed with the way everything was so neatly packed for shipping"


"Thanks Again!"

"Life is tough thanks to you guys"