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Customer Tubs 2014 to 2016:


Huge Hit

Winter hot tubing fun

(Maybe a little too much)

Years of fun with the tub


New Years Eve


Its been great


Attached to greenhouse


We are spreading the word


South Algonquin

Winter wonderland

Perfect for a morning soak

with our coffee


Craftsmanship and quality

are unsurpassed

Compliments to you


Waaaaay up on a hill


Enjoyed it immensely

Happy New Year


After a great day of snowmobiling,, come back to a hot tub



Ahh the Princess seat


Loved  by all!


Late day in Northern Ontario

A photo for you

All ready to go


Up and Running


Made it to our cabin safely

Keep up the good work


Really fit together well



Enjoying it immensely


Can't wait to fire it up


have yourself another glass of wine and smile

Warm and toasty in our tub




I love the tub


We are loving it so much

We love it


Everything is as advertised


...and enjoy!


we are most impressed

set up on Thetis!


Had to have a break on the way

Everyone raved about the tub


7 miles across the lake


hot tubbin


We are loving the hot tub


Logged more hours than the seadoo and water toys


changed the way we enjoy our nights










rolled it into place and puff it was ready



me and the kids in our new hot tub


Summer of 2015


Inaugural soak at Christina Lake

On deck with tiki bar


-25 on Green :Lake



Not enough snow for the snowmobiler  so adapted the ATV trailer

Loved and used at Blind Bay on Nelson Island



"Life is tough thanks to you guys"