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Customer Tubs 2016 to Present:


Big hit at the cottage

Looks graeat and wotks great

Team in a tub



We are very happy with the tub

We are really enjoying the tub


Love it


So exciting


Easy to maintain heat

Enjoying the tub lots

Kids are eager to swim in the lake

knowing they can pop up to the tub


Perfect at Gun Lake

Our tub  our  lake




My tub at Sheridan

Northern BC, we now spend all

year at the cottage



Really enjoying the tub at

Good Spirit Lake

Ok! What are we serving?



Thanks for building such a

quality product!

Will spread the word how great

this tub is

Fondly remembering tea and cookies

this past fall!

Here she is in place!

What a view when we sit in it

Donalda enjoying hot tub

just after assembly

Loving our tub!

Love the tub

Thanks for such a great tub

Tub is awesome...

better than even imagined


 installed and loving it

Every visitor can't stop

talking about it



Very excited to make the tub part

of our home here on Texada


We got our tub and

are very happy with it

Enjoying our tub daily

at our log cabin


Enjoying our new alumi tub


We are loving the tub

This is me chillin in the hot tub

We absolutely love it!!!



Everyone should have

contoured cedar steps

Love the smell and the view


Tub at Ingolf, Ont


Thanks for all your help

Pic of our tub near Kingston


We love our tub


All in all I love it




Favourite attraction at our cottage






Best part is daughter going

"oooh its sooo nice"

We are really enjoying it

Lots of people coming

to check it out


Can you pick one



I though you would want to

it in action


We are enjoying our hot tub




very cold summer but now I

look forward to the cold nights


BTW hot tub workd great

and we love it


Hot Tubbing in the rain


complete with smiling people

It was great



May thanks, the tub is in


Happy Spring



Look great and runs great, thanks you guys


The stars with a bevvy is perfect


So simply but classic


Its a mind blowing experience

Pigeon Lake Alberta


Pumped filled with sea water


Loved it "Out there



Love ot





North Secretary nIsland


We love our Alumitub

A Photo


It's truly a winner


Happy New Year

Everybody loves it




"Life is tough thanks to you guys"